The Hackathon was in Ciceksepeti Office, YTU Teknopark. Their offices was very good they have a very nice kitchen and wallpapers of superheroes everywhere. There was around 30 teams with a total of 100 participants.

What was good about Hackathon ?

First of all the organization team was awesome. They were very kind and they were also really enjoying the event. It seems they were there by their own wishes.

Their goodies which included a blanket, pillow, toothbrush, notebook, pencil, post-its was awesome.

In addition to these, during the event, there was always something to eat and the foods that given were very high quality.

How did we win?

After watching all of the project presentations we knew that we are going to win because I had a great idea and out implementation was very good. We cared about user experience and design very much.

We spent 2 hours only for creating different ideas. Then, we didn’t start coding until we sure about our idea and spend another 1 hour to improve our idea.

After being sure about our idea, we made a plan and discussed about overall system design.

We nearly coded 19 hours, only with 3 hours of sleep, 2 hours of eating break.

Our First Ideas


More Post-its and Ideas :)


What could we do better?

We made a timeline but during the last a few hours we didn’t follow it. We spent lots of time to unnecessary things such as deploying our application to AWS. Instead we should spend more time on our presentation.

Small Break for a Selfie






Images from Our Application

Web Portal


Mobile App Recommendations


Mobile App Product Scanning